popular dog breed in india

1.Labrador Retriever-labrador retriever are also most popular dog breed in India, Labrador is most friendly and also loyal dog breed that’s reason most Indian have prefer for Labrador.

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2.Shih tzu –shih tzu is a toy breed in a metro city most of the people live in small room that’s reason they are not suitable large dog breed in small room . Large dog breed requirement for proper space  so in small room shih tzu is best choice . In india shih tzu have available  different  quality 1.pet quality and the next 2.show quality -in  any dog show have only participate show quality pet or you can say which dog have kci registered they only participate the dog show .

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3.Golden retriever-Golden retriever also be a friendly breed less maintenance, not much diet requirement. If you have proper space in your house so we recommend you go with golden retriever. One more points that’s notice that
Golden retriever are easy to train.

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4.Germen shefered-germen shefered are also vary smart dog breed if you looking to guard dog and friendly dog breed than germen shefered is a good option for you.

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